myTomorrows Search

In collaboration with myTomorrows, the Master Thesis explores approaches to engage healthcare professionals in providing Explicit Relevance Feedback on search results. Such feedback data could be fed to the system for improving search capability, hence, maximising user search experience.

Thesis: Improving Search Relevance Feedback through Human Centered Design



Philips Saeco Xelsis

Saeco Xelsis is a fully-automatic coffee machine, Philips assigned us a brief of improving the UX of the espresso machine and evaluation of the design. This project was done in the course of Usability testing and user eXperience Assessment in Design (UXAD).



Brux No More

Brux No more is a medical wearable device aimed at monitoring nighttime bruxism and hindering the negative behavior by transmitting gentle stimulus to help sufferers with night time teeth grinding get rid of it and live in a healthier way.



Rethink PowerPoint Animation

Rethink PowerPoint Animation is one of the projects I have done during my internship at Microsoft Beijing. It is a design concept called a progressive approach to animating that aims at bringing up a new, intuitive and optimized experience of animating to PowerPoint (Online).



TH Food Lab

TH Food Lab is a service system design that helps to uplift the image of Torvehallerne in the public by adding a new value of connection that links vendor to vendor, vendor to customer and customer to customer. It provides a brand new user experience to the customers with multiple touch points in the system.




Project iksiksÿ

As a designer, I am always sensitive about all sorts of visual representatives. Inspired and motivated by a person iksiksÿ, I started to express myself through visuals to explore the possibilities of form, color, composition, space, motion and dynamics. This project was daily updated on an instagram account @forxxy.




Intuition and imagination is of the most valuable traits of a designer, while the real world does not always allow designer to do so. Sketching is a great space for me to freely design, 'engineer' and 'build' stuff.




Arco is a clothes stand made out of Finnish birch wood. Inspired by the traditional Finnish wood work and the Finnish nature featured in its lakes and forests, I created Arco with simple cursive lines combining all together with concrete, aiming to convey the nature of Finnish lifestyle to others.



Rice Story

Rice Story is a rice brand featuring its environment-friendly package with an embedded feature of weighing suitable portion of rice for serving. The package is designed to be ready for industrial production with only one type of material applied for better recycling.




Miáo is a ceramic dining set design inspired by the ethnic Miao culture, their lifestyle, tales and daily objects. We selected and abstracted elements representing their culture and had them merged in the design of Miáo. The final objects were hand crafted in Jingdezhen with the help of craftsman there.



the Stool

the Stool is produced in around 6 hours from the very beginning idea to sketches to the final object that could bear an adult’s weight. Instead of merely making it robust enough to hold one person, the surface of the stool was designed to have a characteristic of bold and fun but not interfering the sitting experience at the same time.