This is

I am a Chinese Researcher and Designer specialized in User Experience.

I follow a scentific approach of doing design, incorparating methododgy and involving target group(s), but in some cases, I merely employ my lovely intuition to produce some kind of ‘shit'.


I wouldn’t describe myself as a so-called UX designer or whatever limits me within a certain realm of design. Instead, I consider myself as a Human Designer for the sake of being a Homo Sapiens and my care about the human society.

When I think of Design, I think of it being a human practice conducted by people in a specific society or community that holds certain values. As a human designer, I interact with people, learn from the society and embed certain values. Armed with artstic sense and technical skills, I strive to Improve life quality, Enrich culture and Empower individuals. Or in a nutshell, BE ethical and DO good!


I hold a bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design and now pursing a in Design for Interaction at TU Delft in the Netherlands.

At shcool, I am active in design seminars, cross culture workshops and student study trips. In July of 2019, I, together with other peer students, organized a trip (Flight Case) to Japan and collabrated with Ricoh, Panasonic and DCM to inspire their employees and generate innovative solutions for their business.

Ever since I stepped in the design world, I was lucky that I interned at tech giants as UX Designer, Microsoft in 2018 and Alibaba in 2019. Also, I had experience in an design agency at Wild Design (2019) as Interaction Designer.

These experience expanded my scope of knowledge, and more importantly, motivated to keep exlopring in the design field.

Wanna reach me out for a job or a coffee?
Simple! Drop me a line or ! /+31 (0) 626529031

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