Rice Story

Sustainable Packaging

Rice Story is a rice brand featuring its environment-friendly package with an embedded feature of weighing suitable portion of rice for serving. The package is designed to be ready for industrial production with only one type of material applied for better recycling.

Rice waste

For people who don't have much cooking experince, It is quite commom to have leftovers like rice, causing certain amount of food being wasted. I determined my mind to find a way avoiding such problem from happeing.

"Kinda hungry, I just gonna have some rice for dinner"

"Measuring the amount of rice is so annoying, I cannot always choose the suitable portion"

"Fine~ 20mins, I will just wait for that."

"Yammy! The rice is so good."

"Ah...I am pretty full already, but there is still some rice left."

"I don't really wanna waste it, but I hate overnight rice."

There could be rice waste caused by excessive cooking portion

Lid as the measurer

Inspired by the way most people are using for determing the proper portion of rice, a functional part is embeded into the package to help people." (Shown as the image on the right, people normally use a cup (any kind of ware could be possible) to roughly measure the portion of rice for serving.)

Package lid as a rice measuring tool


Use case

A brand new rice package design

Rip off the seal

lift the to open the rice box

The lid is printed with scales for assisting users to measure the right amount of rice

Built-in scale for measuring

Easy, fast, and sustainable

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Solution exploration

Structure & Dimension

Branding, as an essential part of packaging design, is a vital important tool for conveying the value of the product to the customers. Therefore, a feeling of minimalism is quite accurate as it's an eco-effienit rice product.


Rice Story