Brux No More

Product Experience

Brux No more is a medical wearable device aimed at monitoring nighttime bruxism and hindering the negative behavior by transmitting gentle stimulus to help sufferers with night time teeth grinding get rid of it and live in a healthier way.

Bruxism detecter & reliever

Through background studying and researching on both market and users, a design brief could be drafted that aims to design a werable that could actively hinder bruxism, at the same time collect and stores grinding data at night, which could be tracked on mobile its mobile application.

Product build-up

Digital build-up

- Dashboard

Dashboard allows users to view their daily bruxsim data as well as diary composing, and all the stats could packed up and present it to the doctors for a better disordr diagnosing.

- Community

The Community is where knowledge, news, ideas, stories are being shared about bruxsim by the official operating team and users, aiming to offer the patients a mental shelter.

- Relaxation

Relaxation is the paradise for users to get relaxed before sleep by providing high quality relaxing music and white noise and timer is avaiable at the same time.

- My device

Customize the hardware device by the users' preference and bruxsim conditions.

Story of Alex

Alex has been suffering from Bruxism for few years with several attempts but all ended up in a failure. He is really upset but would never give up finding a proper solution.

Alex is living togather with his girlfriend, who always compains about the night time Bruxism to him, which he worries a lot as well...

One day, there was an article talking about a Bruxsim victim who successfully cured the disorder with Brux No More.

Digging into more about the product, Alex decided to give it a try and ordered one from its official webpage.

With simple instructions of only three steps configuring the device, Alex is really looking forward to try it on.

At night, Alex pairs the device with the mobile App, and the functions he discoverd in the App appeals to him pretty much.

On the bed, Alex is trying the function of loosening up his masster muscle where he constantly feel sore.

Alex sets an timer of white noise embeded in the App for 30 min. before sleeping to have himself relaxed.

At night, Alex started grinding. The device collects his bruxism data via detecting the masster muscle activity and releases a gentle stimulation to have the muscle relaxed.

In the morning, Alex checks his Bruxism data on the mobile, which he has always been eagering to know about.

Alex shares his Bruxism data analysis infographic of the past one week with his girlfriend, and both of them are quite satisfied about the result.

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Bruxism is a habit that affects around 8-10% of the population. It is broadly characterised by grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw that causes tooth wear and breakage, disorders of the jaw (pain and limited movement) and even headache.


Symptoms of night time bruxism are defined as Grinding of the teeth, Clenching of the Jaw and Noise emitting. (The Noise made by bruxism has nothing to do with ones health but it annoies others in the same room a lot.)

01 Grinding

Left and Right, Forward and Backward

02 Clenching

Up and Down

03 Noise

Loud and Harsh


The damages various depending on the stages of bruxism one is in. Primary, it would be slight disturing other and teeth wear, breakage. Moving to the next level, damages could be even worse such as masster muscle sore and pain, disorder of the Jaw and headache.

Here is a list of damages that Bruxism could casue: Disturbing Others / Teeth Wear / Masster Sore & Pain / Gum Recession / Abfraction / Jaw Disorder / Headache

Main "Causes"

Why bruxism occurs is not always clear. In the dental profession the belief that bruxism and dental occlusion are causally related has been widespread. However there is little evidence to support this belief.

Sleep Disorders

Lifestyle Factors

Stress, Anxiety & other Psychological Components

Market Research

Mobile Application

It is easy to access for everyone whoever has as smart phone. It helps people who are suffering from bruxism to find a rough rythm of it.

Pure Physical Product

Cheap but expensive if one keeps using it in a long run and the most efficient way to reduce the damages so far, but it will never be of help for bruxsim curing.

Electronic Product

Expensive but collects accurate data in a long run and could emit stimuli like sound or vibration to help users form a responsive habit which could possibly cure bruxism.

User Research

Interview with Dentist

I visited a dentist in a local dental hospital pretending to be a patient with bruxism to understand the medical circumstance and professional attitudes relevent to bruxism. What I have found out was that mouth gaurd is the only one solution available in China from hospital, and patients are always underestimating the damages it could cause.

Interview with Bruxism Sufferer

Bruxism sufferers are aware of having Bruxism, but usually underestimate the damages it could cause untill someone keep complaining of the niose to them or they start to feel physical sore and pain. They are pretty much shocked when they were told it may cause further health problems. Based on that, bruxism could be roughly devided into 3 phases in accordance with the symptoms they are having both in physical and mental. Patients in different stages have various needs, but what in common is the access to their bruxism data, info and an efficient way of communicating with other patients.

Online Oberservation

I joined two online bruxism sufferers QQ groups for oberserving what the members care about the most. It has lasted for few months and what I have found was that most of the people don't have much knowledge about it, some of them regarding dentist as incompetent for unabling to have their bruxism cured. Most people were positive to find solutions for hindering bruxism, but the attitude goes to the other end when bruxism gets worse, people would feel desperate about it for no medical solutions could save them from bruxism.

Bruxism sufferers want to be more aware of what's going on at night.

Bruxism is not fatal, but people with bruxism are not only suffering from physical damages but psychological stress.


Alex Nielson

25 years old / Creative Freelancer

- Income Satisfying
- Marital Status In relationship
- Passions Sports / Gadgets / Design / Hi-Tech

- Bio

Alex is a moderate patient of bruxism and he has been suffering from bruxism for few years since his mother firstly told him about the symptoms he was having at night, but he didn’t really pay much attention to it at that time. When at university, his roommates were always complaining about the sound made by bruxism to him, which made him eager to find a way out for curing it. He tried several approches to cure bruxism, but didn’t really work out.

- Bruxism Conditions

Alex, for having Bruxism for years, his teeth has been worn to some extent, and somtimes in the day time, he feels a dull pain in the jaw, and he would give it a massage with his hands for reliving the pain. he worries about it pretty much. But what he worries mostly is creey sound at night disturbs his girlfriend quite much and she always complain it to him.

Goal 01
Wants to track down bruxism data in details

Goal 02
Wants to reduce noise made by bruxism at night

Goal 03
Wants to have himself relaxed before sleeping

Goal 04
Wants to have a community to discuss about bruxism with other sufferers

Ideation on product

Mock up

Based on 3D printing, the one to one scale model was made with materials and colors simulating the final product in my mind.

01 Cutting

02 Sanding

03 Spraying

04 Gluing

05 Shaping

06 Reparing

07 Assembling

08 Sanding

09 Coloring

10 Assembling

11 Gluing

Digital product