Inspired by ethnic Miao people's life style and nature in a big community called thousand miao villages xijiang, we extracted representive elements from their culture which are "black", "silver" and "farming". The first element represents one of the most common color, and the second is the most common material of their favoriate. While farming is a rural and conventional way of working there which shaped their dining behavior of gathering.


By sketching and brainstorming, we attempts to explore the possible forms and purposes of the dining set in a minimum but representitive way.


Except for Forms, we explored Colors, Pattern, Materials and Finishing to make it in a way that is more close to the concept and feeling in our mind.


Making of this set was done in Jingdezhen City, a city that is famous for ceramics, Our team went there and found a local small ceramic manufacturer to help us. Working together with these masters, we experienced how ceramic is made from a piece of mud to a beautifully glazed artefact.