For people who don't have much cooking experince, It is quite commom to have leftovers like rice, causing certain amount of food being wasted. I determined my mind to find a way avoiding such problem from happeing.

Rice waste caused by excessive cooking portion


After studies, analysis and user interviews, an approach of using a part(the lid) of the package as a measurer is determined, followed by sketching and prototyping.

Lid as a measurer

Inspired by the way most people are using for determing the proper portion of rice, a functional part is embeded into the package to help people. (Shown as the image on the right, people normally use a cup (any kind of ware could be possible) to roughly measure the portion of rice for serving.)


More than 5 times of attempts, redesigning and modification, the structure being able to be industrial manufactured was eventually determined


Branding, as an essential part of packaging design, is a vital important tool for conveying the value of the product to the customers. Therefore, a feeling of minimalism is quite accurate as it's an eco-effienit rice product.


Rice Story

Rice story is a brand selling high quality rice with the philosophy of Minimalism. With the sympothy for the hardworking of the farmers, we deeply believe that every grain of rice has its own story, just as what we want to convey to the public that we are not just selling the product but stories.


Remove the rip, lift to open and measure the amount of rice you want, the steps for using this package is just as easy as ABC. With minimalised design, rice story is calling for less food waste in daily life.

Package lid as a rice measuring tool