A Progressive Approach to Animating - Bringing up a whole new experience of animation to PowerPoint (Online).


As PowerPoint Online grows stronger and the shift to the single-line ribbon, the challenge calls for a change of accommodating animation features in a narrower ribbon space and improving the animating experience, as well as bringing more features from desktop versions.


Persona is used for helping the UX team better immerse in their context of use and understand users, 3 personas are formed regarding their different skills, goals, and expectations of animation in PowerPoint.


11 years old

He uses slides for?
- Sharing his moments/happiness to his peers(classmates)
- Presentation and speech skills practicing

His Animation Goals / Expectations?
- Animation should be fun and visually pleasant/attracting
- Animation doesn't have to be strongly matched to the content

5th Grade student



She uses slides for?
- Reporting to her works to her manager and colleges
- Presentation

Her Animation Goals / Expectations?
- Animation should help her to present contents (diagrams/data/insights) in a structured and narrative way
- Animation doesn't have to be fancy, but effective and clear

Social media Data analyst



He uses slides for?
- Creating Deck Templates for his customers
- Presenting his works to others.
- Recording video tutorials on making PowerPoint animations

His Animation Goals / Expectations?
- Productivity is the prior concern and auto generated animation should also customizable and controllable
- Animations should be smooth and elegant, willing to obstacle barriers in making great visual effects

Creative Freelancer

A Progressive Approach to Animating

Based on the research of users, which later turned into 3 personas. An idea named a progressive approach to animating is proposed by distributing features in the ribbon, contextual menu, and the side Pane as the complexity of users’ needs on animation levels up. In the first level on the Ribbon, features are kept to be essential allowing applying preset animation and selecting variants. In the next level, the animation properties (sequence, play mode, duration, and delay) could be edited through the contextual menu. When multiple animations are applied, the complexity requires building an organization among all animations.

Single-line Ribbon

Animation Applying & Variants Selection

Contextual Menu

Quick Animation Editing (properties setting)

Animation(Side) Pane

Organiztion Buiding & Group Editing